Sharing AD Materials
Summary: Downloadable flyers and posters to help you spread the word.

Share the Three Angels' Messages with your friends and neighbors this coming year!

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Plan an evangelistic series in your home or neighborhood.

Ninety per cent of our customers share our material with their friends and family. We want to encourage our friends and supporters to continue to do so. Now we've made it a bit easier.

On this page, you'll find flyers that you can use to advertise an upcoming DVD showing by Walter Veith in your area. Just bring the flyers to your local printer, or print them out on your home printer. Fill in the place, date, and time, and give to your friends and neighbors.

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Walter Veith can no longer meet all the requests for evangelistic series around the world, but the DVD series can! Be an evangelist for Jesus, with these power-packed series: Total Onslaught, Life At Its Best, and Genesis Conflict. Give a seminar series in your own home or in a local venue like the public library.

Want to tell people about all the great things they can learn from Amazing Discoveries? We have a flyer for that too! Now you can print flyers advertising all that Amazing Discoveries has to offer.

We are partnering with people like you to get the word out and bring souls to Jesus. Make it a way of life!

Downloadable Materials

Amazing Discoveries Genesis ConflictLife at Its Best Total Onslaught AD Card 1 AD Card 2

Amazing Discoveries Genesis ConflictLife at Its Best Total Onslaught

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