About Victor Gill
Summary: Pastor Victor Gill has officially retired from 20 years of pastoring in various churches across Canada from Newfoundland to BC and years of evangelism across Canada, India, and the Ukraine. However, he continues to minister through evangelism and revival both at home and abroad.

Victor Gill has served for 20 years as a well-loved pastor of various churches from Newfoundland to BC. In addition, he has spent two years as Church Ministry Director for the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Seventh-day Adventist Conference. Because of his burden for souls he has spent the last 20 years in evangelism in Canada, the Ukraine, and India. Even though officially retired, he is still involved in evangelism and revival ministry both in Canada and abroad, traveling—often with his wife, Nettie—to Ukraine, Germany, and India on frequent evangelism and mission trips.

Pastor Gill has a passion for God and His Word, and has most recently been strongly convicted of the urgency of the times and of the imminent return of Jesus Christ. His evangelistic series focuses on Bible prophecy and end-time events and has brought many to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

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