Eat Again
You may have noticed that when you do work for the Lord, that is when the devil works the hardest.
Jewish House of Prayer in Chicago
Israel in Prophecy
Are today’s news headlines fulfilling Bible prophecy? What does the state of Israel have to do with Jesus’ return? Daniel Pel delves into the Scriptures to see what Bible prophecy says about Israel today.
Seeking After a Sign - Part 2
In our hyped up, thrill-seeking culture, today’s Christians clamor for miraculous signs. Is speaking in tongues the sign of baptism by the Holy Spirit? Seeking After a Sign examines the evidence in Scripture.
Molded by Society
As we go through life, we catch on to ideas from our interactions and environments. We tend to be molded by the society we live in.
Randy Skeete shows that true spiritual obedience—not merely mechanical compliance to the letter of the law—is a gift from God to those who fully surrender to Christ.
Answering Tough Questions
Letter from Koot Van Wyk regarding original pope's tiara and VICARIUS FILII DEI.