Doctrine Dilemma
New debates arise over the importance of doctrines. Do these differences in doctrine matter?
Jonah Journeys
Have you ever considered what it might have been like to have gone along with Jonah on his journey? Maybe you have already taken a journey with him, rather unknowingly...
Genetically Modified Organisms
Genetically Modified Organisms have become a hot topic for many people. However, are there more dangerous GMOs out there putting us at risk?
God, Strike Me Dead
Has an atheist friend ever used this argument on you?
Seeking After a Sign - Part 4
This is the last article of a series of four.
The 100-Second Sermon Part 1
Discover what it means to make a sermon powerful.
Pope Francis with Patriarch Bartholomew I in Jerusalem.
Watch our ADtv video That All May Be One. 
Unity at All Cost?
Unity is the new catchphrase in religious circles. Through the charismatic movement and the efforts of the Vatican, Protestant denominations are putting aside their differences and focusing on conformity rather than strong doctrine.
Two Kinds of Unity Jesus - The Only God? True Unity Unity after the Reformation Unity among Christians Unity across Religions End-Time Unity