Fasting for Spiritual and Physical Health
Throughout history and even today, fasting, the abstinence from food and sometimes water, has been practiced in a religious context and there are many references to fasting in the Bible.
Introduction to Iodine
It is impossible to achieve your optimal health if you do not have adequate iodine levels. See how iodine can help: breast cancer, FIBROCYSTIC BREAST DISEASE, DETOXIFICATION, FATIGUE, GRAVES’ DISEASE, AND HASHIMOTO’S DISEASE. Fine out why iodine deficiency may be the root cause of thyroid problems including hypothyroidism and thyroid cancer. Discover how to get iodine in your diet and improve your immune system.
Winning the Race and Seizing the Prize
In this glorious race all may win this incorruptible prize.
Adventism’s Official Embrace of Vaccination: A Blessing or Curse?
This is a response to the Adventist Review article entitled: Adventist Church Adopts Stance on Vaccines - dated: March 10, 2015 which was prepared by the Adventist Review News Editor.
Habits: Human Versus Divine - You Decide
From unhealthy dietary tips to compromising lifestyle advice, it seems we are being flooded with a mass of misinformation as to what is really best for us.
Chronic Hypervigilance - Your Worn Out Adrenals
How do people get adrenal fatigue and what can we do about it?