Do you know anyone who suffers from anxiety disorder? It’s likely that you or someone you know is familiar with those feelings of panic, apprehension, or impending danger that are hallmarks of this illness.
Eat Again
The thrill of realizing that God was worried enough about my feelings to remind me of this precious thought just tickled my heart in every way.
Christian perfection in the Writings of Ellen G. White
The topic of Christian perfection and sinlessness is so vast that it would take a lifetime to unravel it in depth. Many have struggled to understand the writings of Ellen G. White regarding Christian perfection and this study is merely a view on some of the statements that are seldom mentioned or quoted.
Training the Mind
Training the Mind: Eight Habits of Grace-Empowered, Faith-Engendered, Healing, Saving Christianity
Preparing the Brain for Battle
The brain is the organ and instrument of the mind, and controls the whole body. In order for the other parts of the system to be healthy, the brain must be healthy. And in order for the brain to be healthy, the blood must be pure. If by correct habits of eating and drinking the blood is kept pure, the brain will be properly nourished (1MCP, 60.1).