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The 21-Day Challenge
Naturopathic doctors Rudy and Jeanie Davis have developed a sensible do-it-yourself detoxification plan that they have successfully used for over a decade to help patients regain their health.
Learn about the beginnings of the Amazing Discoveries Ministry.
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Evangelism Update: Longmont, Colorado Series
Victor and Nettie Gill's evangelism efforts in Longmont, Colorado.
What Will Keep You Out of Heaven?
Is there something that might keep you out of heaven? Learn the shocking possibility of being lost.
Once Again, Creation Movie Attracts Wide Interest
Is Europe interested in learning about the Biblical account of Creation? Sold out crowds say, Yes!
Eternal Airlift Gospel Shoe Company
Is your struggle against sin an up and down experience? Put on God's two Gospel shoes for victory.
Answering Tough Questions
Is Ellen G. White’s grave really an Egyptian obelisk?
A stark shadow of a Christian cross is projected on a lush green lawn.
Seeking After a Sign - Part 3
The third part of Joel Kratzke's Seeking After a Sign series.