An Interview about Islam with Walter Veith Part 2 of 2
Final part of the interview with Walter Veith on Islam.
Let's Be Serious
Reader, did you know that we have a real prophet? She is not a prophet now and then. She didn’t just write recommendations and suggestions that we can choose from like a smorgasbord. A prophet has messages from God and we are to take them seriously.
Our God is Able
The false promise of wealth and power has deluded those who are captured with the pursuit of worldly successes.
What Are You Waiting For?
In essence, we are hoping for a better version of ourselves in the future.
Joy at the End of the Road
A wonderful testimony story for children of all ages!
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The Overwhelming Surprise
This is the first of a series of studies on the overwhelming surprise that is about to overtake the people of this world; what can we do about it, and how can we get ready for it.
Three Prayer Warriors
Part 1 of Three Prayer Warriors by Michael Fassbender.
Made to Move
What single behaviour is most important to your health? If you answered, exercise, you’re right. It might come as a surprise to some, but it turns out that exercise contributes more to our good health than any other single lifestyle measure, including eating a healthy diet.