The Manifestation of Jesus Christ Part 5
If there is a most important verse in the Book of Revelation, will it possibly be found right in the middle of the book?
Money and Power in the Vatican
Although many consider the Vatican to be the seat of a spiritual kingdom, the Roman Catholic Church, it is in actuality much more than that. The Vatican is unique in that it is the administrative center of a universal empire which is at once spiritual and secular, religious and political.
Look and Live
For the last several weeks, I have been focusing my personal devotion time on the science of salvation. How am I saved? What is justification and sanctification and how do these processes work in my life?
Defining God Part 4
In this series of articles, Defining God, we have been looking at the plain teachings of the Word of God to help us understand the issue of the ‘Godhead’ or what some call the ‘Trinity’. This is essentially our understanding of who the Father is, who Jesus is and now who the Holy Spirit is as a person.
The Power of an Endless Life
The purpose of Christ’s mission to this earth was to restore to mankind all that was lost because of Adam’s transgression in the Garden of Eden. Because of one sin, the holy pair was expelled from the beautiful Garden of Eden. During the rest of their lives they could only come to the entrance and worship their Creator. But outside of the beautiful garden they had no longer access to the tree of life.