The Lim Family Discovers the Bread of Life

When Jenny Lai first met Seventh-Day Adventists as classmates in Malaysian secondary school, she wasn't unpressed. They were strange people who didn't eat prawns and who didn't work on Sabbath. Other Christian friends told her that this was because Adventists followed the Old Testament laws and statutes. While she stayed clear of these strange classmates, Jenny and her husband, Eng Chu Lim, were nonetheless very interested in Christianity. They joined a Christian fellowship organized by a teacher at the school who later baptized them in a river. They then became involved in a Charismatic church, and when they came to Canada in 1989, the entire family joined the Chinese Bible Evangelical Church.

But then one day in November 1995, the Lim family received a flyer in the mail advertising a prophecy seminar conducted by Pastor John Redlich and held at the Surrey SDA Church. Jenny was fascinated by prophecy, but her husband was against attending the meetings. She finally persuaded him to attend one of the meetings...and he was hooked! He enjoyed the meetings so much that he attended every one after that, and when the meetings were over, he quit attending the Chinese Evangelical Church. Jenny and Eng Chu's eleven year old son, Davis was also very impressed by the meetings, exclaiming that he never knew about keeping the Sabbath instead of Sunday. Yet the Bible was so clear! That was certainly an eye-opening revelation for him.

At the close of the Revelation meetings, Pastor Kack, of Surrey Church, told the Lim family about the Dr. Walter Veith meetings in Burnaby. he even drove them to the meetings every night. Although Jenny couldn't attend because of a conflicting work schedule, Eng Chu and Davis did. Davis found the food stuff really interesting and says that as a result of the lectures, his family doesn't eat pork anymore and now eats more vegetables. Eng Chu said that of all the seminars he attended, the Veith ones impressed him the most because Dr. Veith was not a pastor or theologian. He was a professor doing research, and his slides and presentations were clear, scientific and logical. Says Eng Chu, 'If you have something to say, it's nice to have something to back it up.' While the family had already accepted the Bible truths about certain things like clean and unclean foods, it was interesting to see scientific evidence such as the different stomach systems of clean and unclean animals.

Because of their faith in God and their new understanding of the Seventh-Day Adventist message, Jenny and Eng Chu were rebaptized on July 6, 1996. Their son, Davis, was also baptized at this time. No longer strange, prawn boycotting Sabbatarians, the Adventists were now family.