Pomegranate Health Power
As a disease fighter and health promoter, this fruit is an absolute powerhouse.
Come Up Higher
In 1960, the Smithsonian Institution’s journal, Horizon, published a daring three-part recipe on “The Childhood Pattern of Genius”.
Fancy Clothes & Golden Chalices
This chart prepared by a supporter of Amazing Discoveries shows some startling differences between the Lord Jesus and many of the popes of Rome (the vicars of Christ) throughout the centuries.
When Was the Ice Age?
There are many problems for those who hold to the ancient ice age theory.
CC JeSuisGodefroy Troude https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Place_de_la_R%C3%A9publique,_18h50,_une_foule_silencieuse.jpg
The Impending Conflict
The recent turmoil in current world events should raise some alarms, prompting us to evaluate the valuable freedom that we still enjoy.
Joan Mathurin
Joan Mathurin, or, the Sufferings and Triumphs of the Heroic Men and Women who were Persecuted for the Religion of Jesus Christ. Excerpts from a book: Cross and Crown by JAMES D. MCCABE, Jr.
God's Character: Risking it All
God wants to be known as the searching, waiting Father who never gives up on encouraging His children to return home.
CC Jeon Han https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pope_Francis_Korea_Haemi_Castle_19_(cropped).jpg
Revelation's Coming Climax - It's Only a Breath Away
The popularity of the present Pope is overwhelming adn spreads all across the globe.
An Interview about Islam with Walter Veith Part 1 of 2
An Interview about Islam with Walter Veith. Part 1 of 2.