Non-SDA's recognize value of Mrs. White's counselnew!
By Arthur White Secretary, Ellen G. White Publications
My Escape from the Auto de Fe at Valladolid - Chapter 15 - 16new!
October 1559 * Don Fernando de la Mina A story founded on historic fact, retold by Pastor Timms.
Whosoever Will Save His Lifenew!
Excerpt from My Favorite Bible Text, The Southern, Publishing Association, Nashville 8, Tennessee
Medical Science and the Spirit of Prophecynew!
Prepared in the offices of THE ELLEN G. WHITE ESTATE General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Copyright © 1971 The Ellen G. White Estate, Inc. REVIEW AND HERALD PUBLISHING ASSN. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20012 PRINTED IN U.S.A.
A Nutrition Authority Discusses Mrs. Whitenew!
By Clive M. McCay, Ph.D. Professor of Nutrition, Cornell University ie. Review & Herald 1959, Feb 12, Volume 136, Issue 7
Prophet of Destiny. By Rene Noorbergennew!
Excerpt from Ellen G. White: Prophet of the Last Days
On Record Outsiders Reflection on Ellen G. Whitenew!
What thought-leaders who are not Seventh-day Adventists have said about the Spirit of Prophecy.
Experimenting with Ellen White's Counselnew!
By Raymond Moore Hewitt Research Center
God Has Promised - Winter 2021new!
When Death Comes