Xcitement Marks the Spot!

The spot was the Michael J. Fox Auditorium in Burnaby, BC. The reason for the excitement was a series of lectures presented by Dr. Walter Veith, sponsored by the Amazing Discoveries Evangelistic Committee.

Almost 1000 people turned up on January 5, 1996, opening night for the three week long lecture series on evolution, creation and archaeology. Through a colorful display of slides Professor Veith, author and scientist from South Africa, clearly and logically weeded through the myths of evolution and had his audience turn their eyes upon Jesus, their Creator. The lecture series then moved quickly into the three angles' message and other Adventist beliefs, placing truth in the context of our time. By the end of the series, approximately 400 people were still regularly attending nightly meetings.

Dr. Veith's lectures were particularly attractive to the secular audiences. During the last week of the series, over 40 people (many of them young people as evidenced in the letters) expressed their desire to study the Bible further and to be baptized. The meetings concluded at the Vancouver Central SDA Church on January 26, but follow-up Bible studies continue and people are still making decisions to be baptized.

Dr. Veith is also making decisions: where to go next? He is an extremely busy man who finds it difficult to say "no", especially when it means a chance to share in faith. Immediately after the Burnaby meetings, Dr. Veith returned to a hot South African summer where he spoke at many evangelistic series and Camp Meetings. Now in the South African autumn, he continues to have different speaking engagements and to work at the university.

He plans to take half a year off from the university in 1997. During the months of January through March he is booked for several speaking appointments in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. Then in April through June, he will be back in North America.

In the meantime, the Amazing Discoveries Committee is extremely busy with the sale of tapes from his meetings and the constant phone calls from people interested in discovering the truth for themselves. Praise the Lord for the work of the Holy Spirit as people in other denominations, such as Pentecostals and Mennonites, are meeting in small groups to view videos and study things they discovered at the Veith meetings! May the Spirit richly bless their search for truth.