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What is prophecy news?

Prophecy news is any news and events that connect to the Bible's predictions for the world's future, with a specific focus on what happens at the end of time. Bible prophecy is given by God to help mankind have an accurate, reliable means of understanding important events such as revealing the antichrist and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Understanding the connections between global events and Bible prophecy reveals that Satan, using the power structures of the world, is working tirelessly to keep people from reading the Scriptures and developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Keeping up with prophecy news helps prevent people from being deceived by giving them the information they need to detect the signs and symbols of Satan's plan. Never heard of Bible prophecy before? Don't worry! Now is the time to learn. There's a reason God dedicated so much space in the Bible to telling its readers about future events (ie prophecy). The Prophecy News page is just one resource available to users of the Amazing Discoveries website. It's a place where users can learn about the Bible's accuracy and authority, but also about the power of God's love and the promises of eternal life made in the name of Jesus Christ. The Bible is a deep look into world history, the predicted rise and fall of kingdoms throughout time, and the outlook for modern society's future. God's hand is guiding it all, as proven by the accurate telling of events hundreds and even thousands of years before they happen. You may also consider listening to the latest prophecy update here.

Where can I read the latest prophecy news?

Secret societies, global politics, the UN & the WHO, China vs USA, if you're looking to connect these issues to Bible prophecy, this is the page for you. Instead of spending countless hours searching all over the internet to find reliable, accurate information that relates to prophecy, Amazing Discoveries has done the work for you. On this page you will find current news and events that are hand selected for their relevance to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. This page is updated weekly so you're always getting access to the latest information possible. The news is arranged by categories to help you navigate each aspect of world events as they relate to Bible prophecy. The top section of the page features the latest headlines from the biggest stories taking place around the world. On the lower section of the page, new stories are highlighted by orange links, while older stories are black links. Keeping track of global events and staying informed can be hard tasks for those with busy lives. Amazing Discoveries built this page as a tool for learning and understanding important prophecy events that can be shared with friends and family. To get a deeper analysis on current events and Bible prophecy, sign up for AD's prophecy report newsletter which offers an in-depth commentary and analysis on the most relevant news at the time. Along with this newsletter, visit Amazing Discoveries' YouTube page to find the Prophecy Report web-series. This is an in-depth video that dissects and connects news and events to their Biblical application.