WORLD NEWS:   16.01.25-pope-francis-will-go-to-sweden-for-reformation-anniversary POPE FRANCIS WILL GO TO SWEDEN FOR REFORMATION ANNIVERSARY Pope Francis will take part in an ecumenical ceremony in Lund, Sweden, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, the Vatican announced Monday. 16.01.20-pope-francis-to-be-first-ever-catholic-leader-to-visit-romes-great-mosque-islamic-leaders-say POPE FRANCIS TO BE FIRST-EVER CATHOLIC LEADER TO VISIT ROME'S GREAT MOSQUE, ISLAMIC LEADERS SAY Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the Great Mosque in Rome at the end of the month, Muslim leaders confirmed this week. 16.01.22-pope-francis-meets-apple-ceo POPE FRANCIS MEETS APPLE CEO VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis is increasingly turning his attention to the stars of Silicon Valley, meeting Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, just days after shaking hands with Eric Schmidt from Google. 15.11.30-pope-francis-criticises-fundamentalist-catholics POPE FRANCIS CRITICISES "FUNDAMENTALIST" CATHOLICS During an inflight press conference on the way back to Rome at the end of his three-country tour of Africa, Pope Francis criticised “fundamentalists” within the Church. 16.01.12-pope-francis-wants-to-hear-your-confession POPE FRANCIS WANTS TO HEAR YOUR CONFESSION Pope Francis wants to hear your confession. Review of "The Name of God is Mercy" by Pope Francis (translated from the Italian by Oonagh Stransky)
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Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Colorado.
What is the Seventh-Day Sabbath?
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Hollywood and the Movies
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The Aggressive Intentions of the Papacy
  1. Pope John Paul II
  2. Ecumenical Partnerships
  3. Rome and World Religions
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Halting the Reformation
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The Counter Reformation and New False Doctrines
Pope Paul VI
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The Counter Reformation and the Council of Trent