BLOG NEWS: Vlog 1 – From City to Country The post Vlog 1 – From City to Country appeared first on AD@Work Blog. Article: AD Vision — What is the Purpose of AD and Why Does it Exist? AD is a nonprofit organization run by Seventh-day Adventists who have a firm belief in the Bible ... Article: What is Faith? Sometimes we wonder how we can get to know God. Well, it’s the same way we get to know anybody ... ADtv: Think – The Origin of Evil and Suffering There is so much sadness in the world, and many times when we read or hear about the news we wond... Article: America’s Number One Drug Problem — Coffee Caffeine is the world’s most popular stimulant—the drug that four out of five Americans take ... ADtv: Think – The Decline of Christianity Is Christianity a belief system? A philosophy? A culture? A business? There is no lack of people ... Article: Calcium Why is osteoporosis such a big issue in North America if we consume more calcium than most of the... Article: Spiritual Direction Spiritual direction, a form of mystical mentorship, is becoming increasingly common in Western Ca... ADtv: Think – The Purpose of Life Life is short. People live for 70-80, maybe 90 years on average, but have we gleaned any meaning ... Article: Light and Health Part 1 Why is it important to have enough sunlight in your day, especially in winter? Part 1: Sunlight a...
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