BLOG NEWS: The Hound of Heaven “The Hound of Heaven” is a 182-line poem written by English poet Francis Thompson (1859–190... Creation by God or Evolution from Nothing? (DVD set) This series offers a practical, refreshing and insightful look at the evolution-creation debate a... The Gain of Losing: The Ultimate Cost The Bible is full of them— paradoxes—spiritual realities that, to all outward appearances, se... Brain Power (DVD set) In this Comprehensive and inspiring seminar, Arnold Neuhoff will help you understand and unleash ... Understanding the dangers of today’s call for Christian Unity There are some Christians who are awake to what is going on, but there are many Christians today ... Counting and Keeping Your Members by Walter Veith Our church is losing members and we are struggling to keep our churches growing. How do we keep o... Counsels on Agriculture (Book) 100 years before the terms “organic”, “local” and “sustainable” were in vogue, Mrs. E... Hollywood and Gnosticism Is Gnostic teaching prevalent in the film industry? Hollywood film director Richard Stanley said ... Bells of the Blue Pagoda (Book) The adventures of Little Small-Feet, Great Helpful Lady, and Old Scarred Face are some of the man... Total Onslaught – Just another man – Walter Veith In this video, Biblical evidence that Jesus is the Messiah is presented in multimedia format. The...
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  1. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  2. Carl Jung
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