BLOG NEWS: ADtv: Think – The Purpose of Life Life is short. People live for 70-80, maybe 90 years on average, but have we gleaned any meaning ... Article: Light and Health Part 1 Why is it important to have enough sunlight in your day, especially in winter? Part 1: Sunlight a... ADtv: 243 – From Crete to Malta – Part 3 In this lecture with Walter Veith we will look at the Jesuits’ various methods of winning minds... Article: Osteoporosis Why is osteoporosis such a big issue in North America if we consume more calcium than most of the... Article: Did You Say, “Pass the Milk?” There has been an old myth going around for many years that cow’s milk builds strong bones. Is ... Amazon Smile Make a donation to Amazing Discoveries by using Amazon Smile for your shopping. Visit smile.amazo... ADtv: 242 – From Crete to Malta – Part 2 In this lecture with Pastor Walter Veith, we will investigate the role of these groups in history... Article: Why Women Crave Chocolate Why do women often crave chocolate if it’s not good for their health? What is your first memory... Product: McClintock 362: Osteoporosis / Discover Total Health (DVD) Like his other lectures in this health series, Dr. Rob McClintock explains that osteoporosis is n... ADtv: 241 – From Crete to Malta – Part 1 As we go through the book of Acts we will see how Paul’s sea voyage is a typology to how we sho...
Spiritual Deceptions Articles
God's Educational Plan for the Last Days Part 1
Revelation 7 and Ezekiel 9: A Warning Message
  1. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  2. Carl Jung
  3. Jesuits and the Hippie Movement