Our Team

We are a dynamic motivated team that is excited about telling people about Jesus' soon return. 

Our Client Care department is available from Monday to Thursday 9 am to 4:30 pm PST and can be reached at 1-866-572-9457 or
Wendy Goubej, President & Operations Manager

Dedicated to making Amazing Discoveries known worldwide as the source of truth and clear answers, Wendy Goubej is motivated by the mission of Amazing Discoveries and a sense of responsibility to reach as many souls as possible before Jesus comes. Wendy has been with Amazing Discoveries since its inception and is committed to maintaining AD’s core message and reaching new audiences with the Three Angels’ Messages while affecting stability and efficiency throughout the Ministry.

Hearing the countless stories of lives reached as a result of the ministry is motivating and humbling, and Wendy counts it a privilege to be able to be part of a ministry that changes so many lives. She recognizes that every day is a gift from God with an opportunity to do something for the cause of God and make a difference in someone’s life whether large or small. As a result, Wendy strives to live life meaningfully every day. She enjoys nature through hiking, gardening, star-gazing, and off-roading and doing it all with her dog, Tessa.
Wendy Goubej
Tabea Penner, Assistant Operations Manager

Amazing Discoveries has always been a part of Tabea Penner's life. She grew up around the ministry, helping out by licking stamps and labeling DVDs as a child and learning the behind-the-scenes workings.  By the time she was in high school, Tabea was working at Amazing Discoveries part-time as an administrative assistant and event coordinator, while also assisting wherever the need arose, such as post-production, camera work, and shipping.  She finally joined the ministry full time when she was 19 years old as the client care manager and now serves as the assistant operations manager.
Tabea Penner Drebit
MacKenzie Drebit, Associate Director

MacKenzie Drebit is committed to producing well researched presentations focused on current events and the importance of country living. Since 2014, MacKenzie has served at Amazing Discoveries, first as a volunteer and now as part of the leadership team as production manager and on the Board of Directors. He is also the speaker of the series Preparation for the Crisis and the co-host of the podcast Truth Matters. 

The intricate and detailed information on science and nutrition in Walter Veith’s Total Onslaught first drew MacKenzie to Amazing Discoveries. He found the teaching inspiring, original and relatable. He feels that Amazing Discoveries presents information that no one else is talking about, created through research rather than repeating what others are saying.

Before he came to Amazing Discoveries, MacKenzie studied nutrition, natural healing and microbiology in relation to growing and food production. His previous experience includes beekeeping, industrial supply and organic market gardening and learning to live off-grid. He is passionate about agriculture and how to grow food in efficient and effective ways.  He is committed to the ministry of Amazing Discoveries even during hard times, and is passionate about the work.
MacKenzie Drebit
Juergen Borchers, Financial Controller

In September 2017, Juergen Borchers joined Amazing Discoveries as financial manager in order to assist the ministry as they moved their offices and production facilities from the Lower Mainland, British Columbia to Dugan Lake Ranch. 

Now as controller, Juergen is helping ensure financial integrity while guiding Amazing Discoveries through a period of expansion and growth. He is excited to see how God is leading the ministry to new technologies for distributing the message, and new projects to which God is opening doors. He is excited to see Amazing Discoveries through to its next chapters by God’s grace.
Juergen Borchers
Matthew Schanche, Program Host/Researcher

Matthew Schanche spent almost 15 years working in the real estate investment world where he managed a wide range of duties from research and analysis to the development of global marketing strategies. 

After seeing some of the spiritual wickedness in high places as mentioned in the Bible first hand, Matthew started an investigative study into the true nature of our world. It was at this point that he found Amazing Discoveries and Walter Veith which created the basis for a total transformation of his life towards Jesus Christ. His passion and focus now is to impact the secular mind for God by using the skills and experiences God has given him to serve His kingdom, and to love thy neighbor as thyself.

He is the presenter of the Prophecy Report, a report of current news as it relates to Bible prophecy, and is co-host of the podcast Truth Matters with Mackenzie Drebit.
Matthew Schanche
Daryl Davison, Director for Development

In May 2020, Daryl Davison Sr. joined Amazing Discoveries in the donor relations department as charitable giving advisor. He says working for Amazing Discoveries is a dream come true and he feels blessed and honoured to be part of a ministry that stands up for and presents the truth.

Before coming to Amazing Discoveries, Daryl earned his bachelor of business administration degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and is currently certified in planned giving and trust services through the North American Division of Seventh-Day Adventists. 

Daryl first became interested in planned giving when he was visited by a man who worked for another media ministry. He was so impressed that someone would spend time speaking with him, sharing about the ministry’s projects and the impact of giving and praying with him, that he asked the man how he could pursue this career as well. Daryl and his wife Gina live in Brighton, Colorado, northeast of Denver.
Daryl Davison