Understanding Spiritual Deceptions

What is the Mark of the Beast?

Bible Study
Bible Symbols
Character of God
End-time Prophecy
Spiritual Deception
Delve into a Biblical examination of what the mark of the beast might be. Many have speculated about what it could be. Is it a bar code? a computer chip? Before we can answer the question of what is the mark, we have to know who is the beast. Then we can see if the beast can help us identify the mark. You may be surprised to discover that there is more than one mark.
Understanding Bible Prophecy

When is the Time of the End?

End-time Prophecy
Second Coming
What is the "time of the end" mentioned in Scripture? When exactly is it? Is there more than one? Can we know the exact date it started?
Understanding Spiritual Deceptions

What is the Lord's Day?

4th commandment
God's Creation
God's Law
What is the Biblical definition of “the Lord’s day”? Most people say it's Sunday. Can we prove it from the Bible?

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